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My journey – Who am I ?

Facilitator of change and ecological transition, I support people and project leaders in transition to create the job and project of their dreams, especially in green jobs.

Thanks to my genius, I intuitively connect with people and nature. As a geographer by training, I had the chance to experience different positions (employee, intrapreneur and entrepreneur) and different environments (international, local and regional) for public and private institutions in the environment and energy sector.

My rich background has allowed me to make 3 career transitions and to create my own jobs 7 times, which gave birth to the creation of “BetterFLY your transition” whose mission is to inspire people to create profound changes.

My skills

  • Adult Advisor and Trainer
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • Movement Facilitator (body and mind)
  • Personal development
  • Tools: clarity of purpose, leadership development and winning mindset, mindfulness and meditation
  • Green Jobs Specialist
  • Geographer

They did it – why not you ?

“BetterFLY your transition is a program that really gets to the bottom of things and the person with a huge focus on the human aspect of the relationship. It’s a very comprehensive program that blends extremely concrete concepts of professional life with much more psychological aspects related to the nature of the human.”


39 years

“Thanks to Patricia’s coaching, I was able to not only gain self-confidence and see that I was capable of doing a lot of things and be very proud of it, but also to accept myself and love myself so that I could move forward in life more easily. It is actually because of this that I was able to get my dream job in the green jobs !”


32 years

“I highly recommend Patricia’s coaching, which allowed me to avoid going in circles, to clarify and to efficiently accelerate my professional project in the ecological transition. This coaching is important for me because Patricia is a specialist in the ecological transition and aligned with my values, she is caring. Each session is an important moment that has allowed me to reboost myself and put goals back in my head each time !”


55 years

“Following Patricia’s coaching, I have a lot more confidence in myself and that’s a huge thing, I now have lots of tools and exercises to do on a daily basis to put into practice and help me to continue working on myself. She has given me that motivation and desire to tell myself that I am capable, she conveys that message and energy that anything is possible and I will get there !”


38 years

“Thanks to Patricia’s coaching, I became aware of the importance of taking care of myself in order to make profound changes in my life. She has a lot of tools that helped me define my role, genius and mission in order to reposition myself as a climate change actor, step out of my comfort zone and make new connections.”


36 years

If, like them, you want to accelerate your change process, come and discover my unique program !

Collaborations and Mentoring